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Order Of The Mess is an alternative/stoner rock power duo formed in 2013 by Alex (guitar/voice) and Max (drums) and hailing from Cork, Ireland.

With Alex also taking care of punishing low frequencies through a triple amp set-up, and Max providing thunderous skins work, the duo hit on a distinctive sound, and set on to write.

They soon started making the rounds playing live everywhere they could. Every performance saw them winning over more and more appreciation as their mix of melody, groove and enormous riffs truly comes to life on stage through the duo earnest, give-all-you-have energetic attitude and Alex passionate, larger-then-life stage presence.

In 2016 they locked themselves in the historic Dublin’s Westland Studios for a week to record their debut album, which is set to be released in early 2018. “Life is to Love. Life is to Rock. Rock is to Love”