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“New Valley Wolves are rock n roll juggernaut spat out from the back alley guts of Dublin City. Jonny Lucey and Baz Joyce are sonic powerhouses that play with the impact of a nuclear bomb. If Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club and The Black Keys had an abominable baby, and that baby grew up to be a musician, it would sound like New Valley Wolves.

Childhood friends Jonny Lucey and Baz Joyce both grew up in Dublin. Diverging paths took Jonny to West Cork and Baz to Australia. When they found themselves back in Dublin – a need to play hard-rock drew them together on one fateful night for a jam – the rest is history. Since exploding onto the Irish music scene in 2014, NVW have scorched a path across Ireland, the UK, Holland and Canada. Their debut album ‘Refusal is our Weapon’ was released to critical acclaim at home and abroad. They’re becoming a favourite of the Irish festival circuit, blowing away revelers with their high impact shows. In June 2017 NVW supported the legendary Black Stone Cherry on the Irish leg of their tour.