Classic Yellow

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Classic Yellow are a garage/ indie rock group comprised of Frank Collins and Ciarán Traynor on guitar and vocals, Sam Geraghty on bass and vocals, Dylan Zovich on drums and Evan Walsh on keys. The band take influence from the sounds of the 1960’s and 70’s, and pay homage to them in an exciting and modern fashion. Expect a delightful mix of fuzzy guitars and cheesy ballads, topped off with a pinch of old school psychedelia.

“Classic Yellow are a four-piece alternative-rock band with, well, a bone fide classic old-school sound running through everything on debut EP Ophelia. As someone who was went on a decade-long journey (and still is) from early 1960’s pop-rock á la Rubber Soul, to 60’s psych nuggets, garage rock of The Monks, balls-out rock of Sticky Fingers and I-IV and finally blues-rock and prog-rock (King Crimson, Alan Parsons Project), I can hear bits of everything and more across these four tracks.” – Remy C, 2018

Multi-textural indie-pop with hints of retro psych-pop, Classic Yellow’s kaleidoscopic sound comes into sharp focus with their latest offering ‘Monday’s Don’t Mean Anything’. – The Last Mixed Tape, 2018