The Mushburgers

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Avant-Garde instrumental surf, distinguished by reverb-drenched electric guitars played to evoke the sound of crashing waves, largely pioneered by Dick Dale and The Ventures in the US and the Shadows in the UK.

The Mushburgers are Shane Latimer (guitar/synth), Eamonn Colgan (guitar/theremin), Cormac O’Brien (bass) and Shane O’Donovan (drums). Formed in 2015, The Mushburgers sound harks back to the California sound of the 60’s, single coil Fender
guitars, big amps with big valves and epic reverb. Having played in some of the anchor live venues in Dublin, The Mushburgers have honed their sound, diving through high-tempo party rockers, noise-scape interventions and face-melting psych-surf dream
The Mushburgers players appear in many bands on the Irish scene: Mixtapes From The Underground, OKO, Multiverse, Temporal Riff, Rhythm Method, Be bop & Rocksteady, Inni-K, The Weekend Lovers, Outerspaceways Inc. & many others. The Mushburgers draw heavily on the influence of The Shadows, Lightning Bolt, B-52’s, The Ventures, Kraftwerk, The Looney Toons, Dick Dale & The Deltones, The Tremolo Beer Gut, NOFX, The Langhorns, The Astronauts, Sunn O))), Th e Trashmen, The Bambi
Molesters & The Messer Chups.