Mr Whippy Soundsystem

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The festival legend that is Mr Whippy Soundsystem rolls up to SEA SESSIONS for a surf’s up party with this vintage vinyl selector and friends who’ve been rockin’ underground clubs, street parties, festival stages, cocktail bars and many an outdoor dancefloor since the golden age of club culture.
Joining DJ Mr Whippy each night on board his lovable 1970’s Ice-Cream-Van-turned-DJ-booth are long-standing guest-selecting soundsystem collaborators:
On Friday, DJ Ben Ó Faolain (Galway/Kerry) unleashes the Drum n’ Bass and Latin frenzy;
On Saturday DJ Andrew K (External Sounds, Drogheda / MyHouse, Body+Soul) keeps it locked with Funky Electronic and Soulful flavours;
On Sunday, DJ Lex Woo (Anseo, Dublin) shakes the Mr Whippy Soundsystem-Van’s “nyash” with a connoisseur’s selection of Afro-Disco-Beats.
Let these record collectors take you by the hand, and welcome you to their beach-side dancefloor wonderland, dropping a rainbow of  sun-drenched summer-sounds under the stars: from tropical-disco; original 80’s-boogie; afro-latin carnival; to ragga-muffin biznezz …an’ Ting!                 
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