CC Brez

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CC Brez has been musical from an early age, and his love of iconic acts such as Hall & Oates, Prince, The Time, Steely Dan and Chic have shaped his sound. His soul inflected tracks from his upcoming EP tip their cap to classic blues, soul and funk all wrapped up in an infectious pop bubble which has become his signature style.

As a founding member of Republic of Loose, CC Brez started out with a whirlwind career co-writing some of the band’s hit singles You Know It, Comeback Girl, The Steady Song & I Like Music to name a few. Five years since parting ways, CC Brez is continuing to compose hits and released his first solo single Her Alibi which sparked again at radio. 

Following on from the debut single and accompanying Ep he also enjoyed a great hit rate at radio with his follow up single ‘When it feels good’. Moving into 2016, Feb 27th sees the Launch of his anticipated debut album ‘The Nightfall’ followed by a busy year of live touring!