Get Tickets A busy port town in Ireland's South East is the last place you'd expect such a fearless, dark & raw sound to emerge from. With the respective birthplaces of blues & grunge situated thousands of miles away, location becomes a mere fact of conscious reality once you [...]

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Get Tickets Étáin is an 18 year-old singer/songwriter/ from Leitrim. She is inspired by music from Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, 70s punk and Kate Bush.  "It's great to see talent emerging from Leitrim!... a very quirky songwriting style that will stand out... in an homogenous industry" - Paddy McKenna, [...]

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Chasing Abbey

Get Tickets Freshly formed in July of  2016, Tullamore group Chasing Abbey bring a unique pop, dance and hip-hop style to the fore. Having grown up and sharing a love of music together, Ro, Bee and TeddyC have an unparalleled charisma that culminates in an explosive live show. Their [...]

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Dj Ferg

Get Tickets Ferg hails from Galway and had held down residencies in some of Ireland biggest clubs. His style would be considered eclectic covering Hip Hop, Soul, Disco, House and even on occasion, some Drum 'N' Bass. Ferg has played the VIP tent at Sea Sessions for the last number [...]

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Anthony Collins

Get Tickets Anthony Collins is a Galway based DJ with an ear for a Disco tune. He’s been spinning the circuit for several years and plays strictly vinyl. He reckons it sounds much better. If it does or doesn’t his tune selection is always spot on. He is one of [...]

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Dj Mitch

Get Tickets Mitch is a Galway based DJ, the Curator of "MITCH PRESENTS” and part of a DJ duo called “GROOVE.SHAKE”. In this guise he holds residency's in some of Galway’s well known venues including Electric, The Blue Note and Roisin Dubh to name but a few. Pumping out a wide range of deep [...]

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Eddie Kay

Get Tickets “At school they said my obsession for music may have a detrimental
 effect on my future. Well you can’t always believe what people say” Eddie Kay is a stalwart on the Irish dance music scene and has been playing records and keeping people dancing since 1996. Over his [...]

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Lo Cutz

Get Tickets Lo Cutz, is a House Music producer, based out of Dublin, Ireland. 2017 is set to be the year of LoCutz, with forth coming releases on Plasmapool’s House Recordings, and the much hyped house music label, Jango music. His original tracks and remixes are already being supported by [...]

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Dean Gurrie

Get Tickets Dean has always been surrounded by music of all genres growing up in his native Sligo. These many influences have helped him create his own unique guitar style and rhythm. Dean recorded his first single, “14 Days”, in 2000 and he toured the country extensively, supporting acts [...]

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Shit Robot

Get Tickets After more than a decade DJing other people's records in dark rooms all over the globe, in 2004 Shit Robot - aka Dubliner Marcus Lambkin - finally departed his adopted New York home for a small country town outside of Stuttgart, where he got on with the [...]

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Get Tickets Daithi is an electronic music producer obsessed by the culture of Ireland. The two time choice award nominee combines nature recordings, old Irish samples and analog synths to create a unique type of house music that’s soaked in Irish culture. A mainstay in the Irish gigging scene, his live show [...]

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Ivy Nations

Get Tickets Ivy Nations are an indie band from Dublin, Ireland who are setting the dance rock world on fire. Drawing influences from groups such as Foals and Phoenix, the four-piece's irresistibly catchy melodies paired with punching guitar lines never fail to bring crowds to life. Only three singles [...]

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Brand New Friend

Get Tickets "They're making a lot of noise in Belfast, a lot of my friends are talking about them...there's a lot of vibes coming out of Northern Ireland about these guys right now!" - Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1 "This young Castlerock four-piece are arguably the most talked about [...]

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Wild Youth

Get Tickets Wild Youth are a four piece band from Dublin Ireland. Since early 2016, Wild Youth have been have been locked writing material. With their Debut single "All or Nothing" set to be released at beginning of May 2017. After only a couple of months of being a band, [...]

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Get Tickets TOUTS are a three piece band from Derry, Ireland. A singer that can't sing, a mod that can't play bass and a drummer that can't see.

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Stomptown Brass

Get Tickets After a whopper year of sold-out shows up and down the country, along with legendary festival sets at Electric Picnic, Longitude and Beatyard, Stomptown Brass are gearing up for their biggest Irish tour yet. The 10-piece urban street-funk band are hitting the road this March, and bringing their [...]

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Get Tickets Otherkin are a riotous four piece, all leather jackets, torn jeans and garage rock riffs. Blazing energy, morse code guitars and caveman drums. - Clash Magazine UK Basically they're just a big mass of energy - four guys who write hugely infectious tracks with rough, snarling vocals [...]

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Get Tickets Championed by everyone from Annie Mac to DJ Yoda, Kormac started out as out as a hip hop scratch DJ and MPC beat-maker. He has matured into an artist who brings a totally unique approach to, what might be called, hip hop by twisting and morphing his meticulous recordings of [...]

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Get Tickets Talos is Eoin French, from Cork in Ireland. He makes patient, plaintive electronic pop music. He arrived in  late 2014, with the mesmerising ‘Tethered Bones’, the dreamy production proved a perfect platform for French’s powerful voice. Follow-ups 'In Time' and the 'O Sanctum' EP - including 'Your Love Is [...]

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Get Tickets ARTIST – Dreadzone / ALBUM TITLE – Dread Times LABEL – Dubwiser Records / Cat no - DUB011 Release date: Friday 17 February 2017 Entering an impressive 3rd decade, Dreadzone, one of the most energetic, exciting and powerful live bands to emerge from the post-rave scene, release a brand [...]

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Mr Scruff

Get Tickets Mr. Scruff: DJ, Producer & Cartoonist As a DJ, Andy Carthy aka Mr. Scruff plays across the board, flitting between soul, funk, hip hop, jazz, reggae, latin, african, ska, disco, house, funk, breaks, soundtracks and loads more. As a producer he makes music that draws on these [...]

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Badly Drawn Boy

Get Tickets It was June 2000 when the Mercury Prize-winning, seminal ‘The Hour of the Bewilderbeast’, announced the arrival of the badly drawn genius of Damon Gough. It's been a curious, wonderful, inimitable, unpredictable career so far of major prizes and minor incidents, all possibilities and magic in the [...]

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Get Tickets Sigma are DJ and production duo who have now sold over 3 million singles, with 4 hit records (2x OCC No.1s, 3 iTunes No.1s) and 2 platinum awards to date. They’ve received 2 Brits nominations, sold out their debut live tour, and played festival main stages across [...]

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All Tvvins

Get Tickets Debut album 'IIVV' was released on August 12th on Warner Bros. Records featuring the singles; 'Thank You', 'Too Young To Live', 'These 4 Words', 'Resurrect Me', 'Darkest Ocean' and the new single 'End Of The Day'. “As alien and beguiling as a genie in a bottle.” – NME [...]

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Wyvern Lingo

Get Tickets Known for their soulful, passionate and haunting live show, Wyvern Lingo are one of the few bands that can get you dancing with a full band of keys, guitar, synth bass and drums – or make you melt when they strip the set back to a capella. Their [...]

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Wolves of Youth

Get Tickets Wolves of Youth are a four piece indie rock band who hail from Donegal, Ireland. The band consists of members Garry Doherty (Lead vocals/Guitar), Stephen Shelly (Lead Guitar), Ciaran O'Reilly (Bass/Vocals) and Daniel McGettigan (Drums). Wolves of Youth's fantastically lively and energetic performances as well as catchy [...]

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Tiz McNamara

Get Tickets Tiz McNamara’s music has been streamed more than 2 million times online. This impressive feat is even more incredible when you discover he has done so single handedly with no management, label or PR backing. The Cork native has caused quite a stir on the international folk [...]

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The Cuban Brothers

Get Tickets THE CUBAN BROTHERS An unstoppable, infectious force of nature, The Cuban Brothers’ unrivalled funk soul review blends sexy, soulful music with jaw-dropping b-boy action and riotous comedy. From humble beginnings Miguel Mantovani, Archerio Mantovani, Kengo San and Domenico have built Los Hermanos Cubanos - The Cuban Brothers [...]

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The Coronas

Get Tickets The Coronas are four lads from Dublin. They’ve released 4 studio albums and are dropping their fifth this year. They’re one of the best live acts in Ireland right now and always deliver a great show. Check their amazing show and turnout at Electric Picnic in 2015. [...]

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Get Tickets Dublin based urban electronic singer / songwriter Soulé is here to mark with her bass heavy sound and soft - soulful vocals. Taking influenced from artist such as MNEK, Ella Eyre, Lauryn Hill just to name a few. Having joined forces with Diffusion Lab, Soulé has been [...]

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Primal Scream

Get Tickets In an old black and white photograph, Bobby Gillespie is clutching an aerosol spray, grinning at the product of his handiwork now emblazoned on the jet plane behind him, which reads: “Primal Scream …. Know What I Mean”. No question mark, it’s something more like an invitation, meant [...]

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Get Tickets Irish indie ensemble Penrose has its roots in a two person act originally started by musician Darragh McGrane in 2014. The line-up has gradually expanded to a five piece ensemble in 2015 and their pedigree is quickly developing with the band supporting the likes of Aslan, Jack L, The [...]

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Orchid Collective

Get Tickets Orchid Collective consisting of David O Shea (lead vocals, guitar), Shea Tohill (lead guitar, vocals), Hugh O’Neill (bass, vocals) and Darra Doyle (drums, vocals) have been gigging relentlessly across Ireland, developing their unique sound and quickly making a name for themselves as an unforgettable live act. Orchid [...]

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Little Hours

Get Tickets Introducing Little Hours Debut Single ‘Water’ Out Now, Impacts February 17th From a remote fishing port in the north west of Ireland comes the wildly talented musical duo Little Hours. 26 year old vocalist / guitarist Ryan McCloskey and 22 year old vocalist / keyboardist John Doherty release their [...]

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Le Boom

Get Tickets LE BOOM is an electronic-pop duo from Ireland. Their energetic late-night live shows have attracted media and industry attention not only in Ireland but also in the US. Since forming in the summer of 2016, Le Boom have played shows in New York (tour), Iceland (Airwaves) and [...]

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Get Tickets Based in Dublin the singer/rapper/song writer/actor has only been doing music for about 3 years now with a healthy list of achievements to show. Recently teamed up with Diffusion Lab, he is currently working on new music for 2017. Next single ‘’ Love Dies “ out 10.2.17 [...]

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Jack O’Rourke

Get Tickets The lone figure of Jack O’Rourke hunched over piano keys and moody synths,  is one that Irish gig goers are becoming more accustomed to seeing. Whether performing his startlingly honest ballads solo or driving Spectorish rock with his band, Jack's plaintive baritone, ethereal falsetto and piano are [...]

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Get Tickets Gurr is a garagepop band from Berlin that sounds like a trashy 60s girl group meshed with poppy vocals in two voices and a flavor of eeriness dug out from the deep darkness that is the Berlin rocknroll bar's restroom at 5 am.

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Foy Vance

Get Tickets Foy Vance knows how to write a song. It’s a naturally-born but dedicatedly-finessed skill that has led him to collaborate with artists as diverse as Plan B, Sheryl Crow and Rudimental, synced his music on multiple TV shows ranging from Grey’s Anatomy to the finale of Sons [...]

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Eve Belle

Get Tickets Eve Belle is a 19-year-old singer from rural Donegal. Her music is lyrically focused, honest, and descriptive; with the words and story being the most important part of the songs. Her first EP, Sonder included the achingly beautiful “Too Young To Feel This Old”, and her cover [...]

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Caravãna Sun

Get Tickets “Caravãna Sun let loose like a band of juiced up gypsies...most powerful when they slowed things down to let the trumpet take the spotlight" - The Music (Woodford Folk Festival) It’s been quite the journey from conception to elevation for Caravãna Sun with the band playing over [...]

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Brian Deady

Get Tickets Brian Deady has been something of a best kept secret for the last year or so, but if there’s any justice in this world, his forthcoming single ‘Clap Both My Hands’ should set his course directly for stardom. With deep blues and gospel influences at times Deady [...]

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Bitch Falcon

Get Tickets Two years on from an initial explosive emergence, the Dublin-based three-piece haven’t so much discovered their voice as honed and refined it. They relish in frenetic declarations, their sound always moving forward while throwing occasional nods to the past. The sonic aesthetic is raw, even a touch [...]

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Get Tickets "Rarely has heartbreak sounded so good! A swoonsome love song that's impossible to resist"  - Stuart Clark, Hot Press Last summer Apella burst onto the scene with their debut single ‘We Met At A Party’ to huge support from both national and regional radio stations, the track is a serious declaration [...]

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Aine Cahill

Get Tickets Áine Cahill is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from County Cavan, Ireland. Inspired by current music of course, but combining with her love of classic Jazz from the 1950's, Áine's unique sound and writing style captivates the listener; her storytelling evoking emotion and vivid imagery, allowing the [...]

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