Campsite Rules


There are a number of rules for the campsite, break them and your out!! If you think you might need to read these rules see below:

  • Strictly over 18’s ONLY
  • No fires or barbecues allowed
  • Strictly no glass
  • A wonderful and peaceful nights sleep is NOT guaranteed
  • Decisions by security and management are final – disputing decisions will result in ejection
  • Attempts to gain unauthorised access to the campsite will be seen as and reported to Gardai as attempted burglary
  • Any gross disturbance or interference with any fellow camper will result in ejection
  • No article that may be deemed a weapon can be brought onto the site. Any such article to be confiscated, Gardai to be notified and person to be refused admission
  • Anyone refused admission or ejected will be given NO MORE than five minutes to gather their possessions, less if deemed appropriate by security
  • All campers are expected to respect the natural environment and use the recycling and rubbish facilities provided and not cause a litter hazard. Gross breaches can and will result in ejection